Welcome to week two of pre-k! We had a wonderful first week getting to know each other and learning the rules and routines for school.

This week we will continue our literacy unit “Ready for School”, focusing on the topic “Making Friends”. Our vocabulary words will be: friends, play, and help. Saturday the 22nd is the first day of fall so we will also start incorporating some seasonal literature.

Math this week will focus on positional words, including: behind, below, above, on, next to, beside, and in front of. We will also review the color yellow, number 2, and square.

During Jesus time we will begin our unit on Creation. We will make a book covering all 7 days of creation and learn a new song about what God created each day.

We will continue our science unit on apples. We will learn the parts of the apple: stem, core, flesh, skin, seed (pip). Last week we learned that an apple blossom has 5 petals, and the inside of an apple has 5 points like a star!

We will visit the art room for the first time this week and meet Mrs. Kerwin our art teacher.

For art in the classroom we will be painting yellow plates to make sunflowers and using watercolor to paint a sunflower and find a hidden surprise!

In the sensory table we will work on fine motor skills by using tweezers and our pincher fingers to remove sunflower seeds from sunflower heads and then using the seeds in our art project.

Have a blessed week!