As Thanksgiving draws near we praise and thank our God for all His gifts and benefits to us.  We pray and remember those less fortunate and ask for grace to assist all in need.

JESUS’ TIME:  We are learning to thank God for our churches, families, schools, friends, and homes through his saints – Joshua, Hannah, Samuel, David, and Elisha.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  In meeting our Native American friends, the Iroquois, Chippiwa, Seminoles, and Sioux, we discover that their needs, goals, and family life is not so different than ours.  They still need houses, food, schools, means of travel.  We learn to thank God for these cultures.

MATH:  That magic number this week is 10!  We meet the number 10 in Jesus’ healing of the 10 sick men but only 1 came back to say thank you.  We are practicing our sorting and patterning skills in Computer class.

Literacy:  Our reading has included our thank you books:  THE VERY FIRST THANKSGIVING, THANKSGIVING by Gail Gibbons, and THANKSGIVING DAY.  The new letters are “E” “F” and “G”.  We are practicing our writing.

MUSIC:  Learning to play the drums has been much fun and then we even got to make a drum.  Pretending to be “Little Red Fox”  helped us move to different rhythms and use our large muscles.

As we enter the late Fall season watch the changes in our halls as we prepare for the Winter season and our Lord’s birth.

May our Lord rest His hand gently upon you this thanksgiving and always!  In all things Give thanks to the Lord, for He is Good.