The second graders keenly pointed out many ways that God was with the Israelites even though their situation seemed not-so-good…and just like God delivered the Israelites – He rescues us, too!

This week, we stopped and reflected on the Israelites’ time in the desert. The Israelites spent many long, agonizing years in slavery in Egypt under cruel Pharaoh. Then, God delivered the Israelites from captivity and set them free! ….Then they found themselves in the desert, with no food, water, comforts of home, AND they got all these new commandments??? So we asked, “How is this better?” Right away, the students noted that the Israelites now had the promise of The Promised Land – “a land flowing with milk and honey”. They also noted how God provided for the Israelites’ needs with miracles. And while God is their new boss, and he imposes rules like Pharaoh did, the students talked about how God truly loved and cared for the Israelites, while Pharaoh didn’t.

Then, I shared with them that our story is just like the Israelites’ story. We weren’t in slavery to Pharaoh – we were trapped by sin, death, and the devil. (We thought about how you can get trapped by sin, like making a bunch of lies to cover up something you did wrong – “being caught in a lie”.) Just like the Israelites and Pharoah, God truly cares and wants the best for us, while we can’t really say the same thing about the devil. God provides for us with miracles, too, just like he did for the Israelites. And even though we may not usually think of rules as good things, we talked about how God’s commandments keep us safe, alive, and happy (don’t steal, don’t be jealous, etc.). Best of all, we too have a hope after death for a Promised Land – Heaven!

Important Information for 12/10-12/14:
Sat 12/8 Trinity’s Breakfast with Santa @ 10am
Fri 12/14 Ugly Sweater Dress Down Day! & Christmas Sing-a-Long Fundraiser (2pm)
Fri 12/14 Trinity’s Barnes and Noble Book Fair 6:30pm
Tues 12/18 K-3 Christmas Musical 7pm
Wed 12/19 1st/2nd Grade Christmas Luncheon

Thursday 12/13: Idioms Quiz
Friday 12/14: Spelling Test and Horrible Harry Vocabulary/Comprehension

Math: Chapter 4: 2-Digit Addition!

  • We are in the “baby steps” phase, practicing addition with larger numbers FIRST with ones and tens blocks. This helps the students understand what’s happening behind the “algorithm” of “borrowing and carrying over”. Instead of being asked to memorize the algorithm, we go step by step to show them the why of the algorithm! That way, in case they forget what to do, they have other strategies to fall back on, rather than drawing a total blank!

Vocabulary: review ones, tens, hundreds and place value and making a trade

Reading/ELA (English Language Arts): Unit 3 Lesson 12

  • Phonics Rule: The long ‘a’ sound can also be spelled “ai” or “ay”.
    • As you practice the spelling words with your child this week, emphasize when “ai” is used vs. “ay”. They may notice a pattern: “ai” is in typically followed by a consonant, while “ay” is usually used at the end of the word. Knowing this will help them spell unfamiliar words in the future!
  • Spelling Words:  pay, wait, paint, train, pail, clay, tray, plain, stain, hay, gray, away, stay, day, raisin, birthday
  • Horrible Harry Vocabulary Words: horrible, doom, creature, dangled, revenge, beamed, mainland, aquarium
  • Vocabulary Strategy: Idioms (“My brother is driving me up a wall!”) (Being able to decipher what they mean)
  • Grammar: Expanding/Rearranging Compound Sentences – helping our writing sound more interesting

Science: Unit 1: The Engineering Design Process
Vocabulary: engineer, design process, solution, strength, weakness

Social Studies: Unit 2: Geography. Lessons 1 & 2: All About Location & Where We Live
Vocabulary: location, state, country, continent, border

Religion: Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

How can I help my child this week? Keep practicing those Basic Addition and Subtraction Facts! The quicker students can recall these facts, the easier Math will be for them! (Not just 2nd grade math, but multiplication, division, fractions, polynomials….! These are the building blocks of math.) Also, please keep helping your child memorize their music lines! Mr. DeVries encouraged the students to not just remember their lines, but also the line that comes BEFORE and after their line, so they know when it’s their turn! Thank you!! =]

In His Service,
Mrs. Budenholzer
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. – Hebrews 13:8