It’s June – and our last school days are passing quickly by.

Our closing program is Friday, June 8 at 9:15 am.  Our program’s theme is “THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT” based on Galations 5: 22-25.  This has been the theme of Trinity Lutheran School for the 2017-2018 school year as well.

Our Social Studies theme for the month of June has been Unit 8 – MOVIN’ OUT.  We’ve been looking at it through the eyes of Dr. Seuss’ book, OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO.  Waxing philosophically – each one of these precious children are just starting out–each at different and separate places but the sky’s the limit as they face this world.

Science – The seashore – recalling our class outing and the “Waterfront ” experience has been well received.  Summer safety at the beach, pool, and park are also being included in our discussions.

Math – Reviewing our numerals as well as patterns and position words have been a priority.

Social Studies:  Transportation – that is learning about trucks, trains, buses, and planes as they will help us move out along the way.  Books. games, projects have all made this a lot of fun.

Jesus’ Time – As we conclude our year, we asked our best friend, Jesus, to teach us to pray.  Prayer is our connection to Him which can never be daunted.  The acronym – ACTS – helped us to:  A – adore and praise God; C – confess our sins for Jesus’ sake; T – thank God for all the good and gracious gifts He gives us; and S – supplication (asking).  The children know that they can ask God anything.  Sometimes He says yes; sometimes He says no; and sometimes He says wait awhile.  As our children move out it is our prayer that Jesus will always be their friend and that they will always be talking to Him as they move through life.

Art – The children have been busy making their gifts for their Dads and working on their Father’s Day cards

As play is the work of children we are working on Under the Sea floor puzzles, the magnetic toys, little legos, as well as mini toys.  We’ve added the large trucks  in the lower hallway and played ball in our gym.  And when it is not raining we even go outside to the playground.

Too soon our students will be gone.  This year has been filled with much laughter, joy, and goodness as well as the rest of the things our emotions deal with.

Mrs. Kramer, Ms. Dugan, Mrs. Voigt, Mrs. Maldonado, and I wish to thank you all for entrusting your children to us and sharing them with us.  We thank God for their presence in our lives and ask God to keep them safe in this world and to fully rely on Jesus, their best friend always.

May our Lord rest His hand gently upon you now and always!