This week we will be doing activities that will help us answer the following questions:

Kindergarten – 2nd grade

  • How can I help create a positive learning environment for my classmates and myself?
  • Can share equipment?
  • Can I respond positively to teacher feedback?
  • Can I accept responsibility for my behaviors and actions?

3rd grade – 5th grade

  • How can I cooperate with my peers in order to create a positive learning environment?
  • Can I use positive language and feedback in order to encourage my peers?
  • Can I use positive language when participating with players of different skill levels?
  • Can I actively involve others with higher and lower skills in group activities?

Middle School

  • Can I demonstrate respect for myself and others in order to create a positive learning environment in physical education class?
  • Can I accept differences among my classmates by providing encouragement and positive feedback?
  • Can I demonstrate cooperation skills by establishing and following rules and guidelines for conflict resolution?
  • Can I respond appropriately to ethical and unethical behavior during activities by following guidelines for conflict resolution?

7th Grade Health – Journal Entry 2 is due 9/18 by 8:15am

  • Am I able to distinguish between self-image and self-esteem?
  • Can I identify the qualities or characteristics that I like about myself?
  • Am I able to describe how internal influences can play a role in health choices?