It is hard to believe that today is October 1.  Time like an ever rolling stream rolls on while our Lord’s mercy and love are ever constant.

Our students are settling in quite nicely, getting used to being in Pre-K with all of it’s expectations.

Our study of Creation is slowly coming to a close.  God made us, protects us and gives us the right to be “earth savers”.

Math- we are moving forward with the number 4 (their age) and the oval shape.  It is fun to be sitting on the largest oval, our rug.

Johnny Appleseed will be paying  us a visit some time this week with his pot on head and good book in hand,

We have begun our science study of animals with the multi-purpose pig.  Did you know that every part of the pig is used except the squeal? The literature will include the fairy tale, THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. Using several versions the children will be coming up with the differences as well as the similarities found in this tale.

Art with Mrs. Kerwin continues with our study of Monet.  Our projects should be completed by weeks end.

Computer class is not only developing the use of the mouse but also our sorting and patterning skills.

As play is the work of children our social skills of who plays with whom and how this is accomplished will be processed through our weekly reader as well as the books:  HOW MANY CAN PLAY? by Susan Canizares and SHARE AND TAKE TURNS by Cheri Meiners,

May our Lord rest His hand gently upon you now and always!