Math Grade 6

This week we are beginning operations with integers involving positive and negative numbers.   We will be learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers. This will lead us to solving one and two -step equations. There will be a quiz on Friday, 5/18 on operations with integers. Extra help is Wednesday mornings at 7:30.


Math Grade 7

The students are finishing up their last unit on Probability. We will explore the differences between experimental and theoretical probability, sampling involving word problems, and probability of compound and simple events. There will be a quiz on Wednesday, 5/16 on Probability of compound events. The chapter test on this unit will be on Friday, 5/18.   Extra help is Wednesday morning at 7:30.



This week we are finishing up our last unit on 3-dimensional geometry. We will be exploring how to calculate the volume of prisms, cylinders, cones, pyramids, and spheres. The test will be on Wednesday, 5/16.   Extra help is Wednesday mornings at 7:30.



This week we will be learning about radicals. We will learn about Pythagorean theorem, how to simplify non-perfect radicals, and how to graph a square root function. Following these topics we will be doing regents review. The regents is scheduled for 6/12/18 from 1:15-4:15.


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Reminders and Important Dates

May 25th and 28th– No School (Memorial Day)

Middle School BBQ- Monday, 6/11/18

Algebra Regents:   6/12/18

Earth Science Regents:   6/14/18

Finals: Monday, 6/18- Wednesday, 6/20