Thank you to everyone who made it to Back to School Night. It was a pleasure meeting you and speaking with each of you. Extra help is on Thursday morning this week. As I promised, here are the updates for this week.

6th Social Studies

In sixth grade social studies we have been talking about how early people lived. It is important to note that we have discussed at great length the fact that a lot of what is in their book does not agree with what we are taught in the Bible. I told the children that even if this is not what we believe as Christians, it is still important to know what other people believe since we are not always around people who share the same ideas as us. This week we will learning about how early people adapted to their environments, especially during the ice ages. There are no tests or quizzes this week.

6th Religion

This week the students will not have a memory quiz, but they will be tested on their Bible review notes on Thursday. You may view a copy of the packet here.

7th Social Studies

This week we will be reviewing chapter 1, and the test will be on Thursday. You may view the study guide here.

8th Social Studies

The eighth grade will be reviewing the Civil War this week, and their test will be on Friday. This test will cover the end of Chapter 14, and the beginning of chapter 15. You may view the study guide here.

8th Religion

This week we are continuing to study the family of Abraham. We will get into the family dynamics of his son Isaac, and grand sons, Jacob and Esau. The memory verse for this week is Galatians 3:26, 29, which is on page 15 of the student book.