Welcome back to a new week! For grades six and seven, the countdown is on. We are just days away from our overnight trip to camp Herrlich. As of typing this on Friday, we are t-minus 6 days out. However, we have plenty of work to cover before we leave on Thursday.

6th Social Studies

This week we are starting a brand new unit going into the earliest civilization, Mesopotamia. This chapter, as well the next (Egypt), will actually parallel what we are studying in religion class. This week we will be focusing on the geography of the Fertile Crescent and how the ancient Mesopotamians adapted to the challenges faced by living between two rivers that flooded annually. We will get into the early people and city-states after our long weekend.

6th Religion

As stated above, our religion lesson this week ties in with social studies. We will be learning about the Tower of Babel, which historians believe might have been an ancient Mesopotamian temple. On Monday, though, we will be visiting the 4 year-old class in our ECC to share the books the students made about the seven days of Creation. the ECC students have also been studying creation, and are eager to share what they have learned.

7th Social Studies

This week we will be finishing up our third chapter on early European exploration. We will be studying the settlements of France and the Netherlands, and then we will be working on some primary source documents that will give us a glimpse of what these people experienced. The students will review the chapter next week.

8th Social Studies

Eighth grade has finished our short study of Reconstruction. They will have a test on chapter 16 on Friday, October 11th. You may view the study guide here. Prior to their test, the students will also be researching the biographies of the first African American men elected to Congress. These men had remarkable lives, and deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments.

8th Religion

In religion this week, we are finishing up Unit 1, and moving into the Book of Exodus. We will finish up Unit 1 by studying the call of Moses, as well as the Plagues and the Passover. The test on Unit 1 will be on Friday, October 18th. You may view the review here. The memory verse for this week is Isaiah 43:1, which is on page 19 in the student book.