Greetings to one and all! We are all very excited to celebrate Spirit Week at Trinity. We will kick off the special days with pajama day on Monday. Before I get into the subject updates, seventh grade parents: I sent out an email on Thursday seeking volunteers to act as our class parents for the year. Please let me know if you can help out. We all want to make this a fantastic year for the kids, and I greatly appreciate your partnership. 

Sixth Social Studies

This week we are finishing up Mesopotamia and moving on to a perennial favorite- Ancient Egypt. The students will have their test on chapter 3, Mesopotamia, on Tuesday. You may view the study guide here.

Sixth Religion 

This week we are continuing to study the family legacy of Abraham, by studying the family dynamics of Isaac, his wife Rebekah, and his twin sons, Jacob and Esau. We will talk about the fact that even though each of these people sinned against God, He still used them for good. The memory quiz this week will be the final books of the Bible quiz, 1 Timothy- Revelation.

Seventh Social Studies

The theme for this week in seventh grade social studies is learning the truth behind famous historical events. The students are starting the week researching the the true stories of Roanoke, Pocahontas, the First Thanksgiving, and the life of the first Africans in Jamestown. We will then move on to learning about the New England colonies, when the students will learn the truth behind the Salem witch trials. Spoiler- there was no actual witchcraft being practiced, just a case of bullying gone out of control.

Eighth Social Studies

in eighth grade, we have been studying how the west was transformed following the Civil War. We have learned about mining, the railroad, and how Native Americans were affected. The students will be researching present day Native Americans in order to see the long term affects of this time period. We will then move on to learning about the homesteaders and the challenges they faced.

Eighth Religion 

First thing on Monday morning the students will start the week by presenting their first trimester projects, Tough Times Toolkit. The outline is on the Google Classroom, and I told the students to send me an email if they had any questions about the project. Once the presentations have wrapped up, we will begin to study how God provided for His people as they were traveling to the Promised Land. The memory verse this week is Romans 8:28, which is on page 25 in the student book.

Have a wonderful week!