Attention 7A! Our picture day is Wednesday, October 23rd. If the forms did not make it home, please contact the main office.

Here are the class updates for this week.

6th Social Studies

This week we are finishing up our study of Mesopotamia by studying the later cultures of the Fertile Crescent, all of which are mentioned in the Bible. We will be studying the Hittites, the Assyrians, the Chaldeans, and the Phoenicians. We will then begin reviewing the chapter. The test on Mesopotamia, chapter 3, will be Tuesday, October 29th. The study guide will be posted on Wednesday.

6th Religion

This week we are studying Isaac- his marriage to Rebekah, as well as his twin sons, Jacob and Esau. The memory quiz for this week is on the Books of Matthew through 1 Thessalonians. I have updated the quiz schedule, which you may view here.

7th Social Studies

The students will be taking their chapter 2 test on Tuesday, October 22nd. Then, we will begin studying the settlement of the early English colonies. The students will be doing some independent research on topics not covered by their book, such as the real story of Pocahontas, what is the most likely theory about the Lost Colony of Roanoke, and and what was the first Thanksgiving really like?

8th Social Studies

Last week, the students worked on writing commercials to encourage people to move to the mining towns of the Old West, and we will start the week with those presentations. Then we will shift gears to a more solemn topic of how the Native Americans were affected by western migration.

8th Religion

This week we will begin Unit 2, which focuses on the Israelites exodus from Egypt. We will begin by studying the crossing of the Red Sea, and then we will learn about how God provided for His people while wandering in the wilderness. The memory verse for this week is Philippians 4:6-7, which is on page 23 of the student book. The students should also be working on their first trimester project, which is due on Monday, October 28th.

Have a blessed week!