Greetings! Sixth and seventh grade had a wonderful time at camp last week, but this week, we are back to work. Hre are the updates for this week:

6th Social Studies

This week we are continuing our study of the first civilization, Mesopotamia. We will be focusing especially on inventions and cultural contributions of the Sumerians, such as writing, art, and even music. Later this week, the students will try their hand at being Sumerian scribes. They will actually try inscribing the ancient cuneiform language into class tablets, just like students in Sumer did thousands of years ago. There are no tests or quizzes this week.

6th Religion

Our religion unit continues to tie in with our social studies unit. This week we are learning about Abram/Abraham, a resident of Sumer, whom God called out of his life of worshiping idols. due to the trip and unit tests, I had to adjust the memory quiz schedule. You may view the revised copy here.

7th Social Studies

This week the students are wrapping up chapter 2 and will be reviewing for the test. Last week, the students wrote mock interviews with each of the explorers we studied, and are in the process of presenting them to the class. Their presentations have been very creative, and we have a nice mix of talk shows style interviews, as well as traditional “hard news” style interviews. There will be a test on chapter 2 next Tuesday, October 22nd. You may view the study guide here.

8th Social Studies

In eighth grade,we are starting a completely new unit of study that focuses on the growth of industry and western expansion. The chapter we are starting this week will focus on how the West was transformed in the years following the Civil War. We will explore the positives and the negatives of how mining, railroads, and settlers from the east changed the west.

8th Religion

This week the students will have their unit 1 test, and their notebooks will be collected to be checked for completion. The test is on Friday, and you may view the study guide here.