Greetings to one and all! After all the excitement of Spirit Week this past week, we are getting back to a relatively normal routine. Here are the updates for this week.

6th Social Studies

This week we will be getting into what is called the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. This is the time period of the pyramids and the heyday of mummification. In fact, the students will be doing their own mummification activity with apples to learn about the process. We will also be learning about Egyptian mythology and artwork. There are no tests or quizzes this week.

6th Religion

This past week, we talked about the fact that Jacob and Laban built monuments to honor God, and that we build monuments today to honor important people and events. As their first trimester project, the students are working on designing their own monument to honor God. They are only working on this in class, as they have the option to work with a partner.The students will share their designs with the class and share the Bible passages that inspired them. The memory verse for this week is Psalm 121:8, which is on page 25 in the student book.

7th Social Studies

This week we are continuing our study of the 13 English Colonies. To start the week we will be working on making a 13 Colonies reference book, which will be filled in as we go throughout the chapter. In addition to the 13 Colonies, we will be studying the Spanish Colonies in what is now the western United States. No tests or quizzes this week.

8th Social Studies

The eighth grade will be reviewing Chapter 17: The West Transformed. The chapter test will be Friday, November 8th. You may view the study guide here.

8th Religion

On October 31st, the Lutheran Church acknowledged the work of Martin Luther starting the Protestant Reformation, which ultimately changed the course of world history. The eighth grade learned about Luther’s Rose, also known as Luther’s Coat of Arms. They learned that the colors and symbols were Luther’s explanation of the Gospel message of God’s grace. This week the students are designing their own version of Luther’s Rose to describe their personal faith. We will then get back into our regular curriculum with our study of the Ten Commandments and how they apply to our lives as modern day Christians. The memory verse for this week is Exodus 15:13, which is on page 31 of the student book.