I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you to all who helped make the feast a special event for the kids. They really enjoyed themselves. Here is the news for this week.

6th Social Studies

This week we are continuing to learn about ancient India, specifically the religions that were created there. I told the students that we need to not only learn about these different religions because it is in the curriculum, but also to understand how other people think, and how to respond to these different beliefs as Christians. Throughout each lesson I am very much emphasizing the fact that only Christianity offers the unconditional grace and forgiveness we receive through Christ.

6th Religion

In religion class, we are starting to get into the book of Exodus, starting with the call of Moses, and the the actual exodus from Egypt. The memory verse for this week is Isaiah 55:8, which is on p. 29 in the student book.

7th Social Studies

This week we are getting into what life was like for the people living in the 13 colonies, including the lives of slaves. The students will do some research on the Gullah culture that developed in the South among the slaves. They will create slides presentations which they will present to the class early next week.

8th Social Studies

Eighth grade is reviewing Chapter 18 this week and the test will be this Friday, 12/6. You may view the study guide here.

8th Religion

This week we are getting into the end of Moses’ life, and the conquest of the Promised land under the leadership of Joshua. The memory verse for this week is Isaiah 41:13, on page 41 in the student book.