Hello to all families,

I hope you are well and I would like to let you know that I miss your children so much already. Please reiterate this to them! What is most important is we calm their fears and remain positive and patient as these will be trying times in many different ways for each and every family.

This will be my final communication through Class Notes. All communication from here on in will be through Google Classroom as far as classwork assignments for the second graders. Please visit Google Classroom daily for work assignments. Mrs. Leake will be further directing you with the information you will need to gain access to Google Classroom so please look for emails coming out sometime today.

I strongly encourage you to continue with The Seuss Reading Challenge that will continue for the month of March! Please encourage your child to take part in this fun activity! Reading happens everywhere! Please continue to email me photos of your child reading to aryan@trinityhicksville.org! Now more than ever, children will have the time to read. They can be their very own authors as well. How? Encourage them to write every day. Aside from technology, If they have paper and a pencil, they have everything they need to write a story, keep a journal, make a book, write a letter to someone….make lists of their favorite things (food, memories, things to do, songs, etc….) Have them illustrate their writing by drawing pictures to go with their words. Keeping their brains active will be key as we continue to be away from school and structured learning. Learning at home can be productive yet fun and creative! Keep it simple!

God bless everyone as we manage our way through these difficult times. We must leave it all to God; you all will be in my prayers. Please let your children know that I truly miss them and I will be thinking of them everyday!

Antonia Ryan