Please remember to join us for open house on Tuesday 9/18 at 7pm starting in the chapel.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

6th Grade Math:  On Tuesday there is a quiz on identifying integers and their opposites, comparing and ordering integers, and absolute value.  This week we will be covering classifying rational numbers and identifying opposites and absolute value.

7th Grade Math:  On Wednesday there is a quiz on adding and subtracting integers.  This week we will begin multiplying and dividing integers.

Pre-Algebra:  On Friday there will be a quiz on rational and irrational numbers, square roots, and converting fractions and decimals.  This week we will continue with perfect squares and ordering.

6th Grade Religion:  On Tuesday there is a memory quiz on the books of the Bible from Genesis to Song of Songs.  The Book of the Bible worksheet is posted on Google Classroom.  There is a test on Friday on The Bible.  A review sheet went home for the students to study.