READING – Our lesson this week asks the essential question, “Why is it important to try hard?” To help us answer the question we will read, Curious George Makes Pancakes, Kitten’s First Full Moon, and Poems About Trying and the Moon. Our high frequency words are, do, went, just, down, little, and only. The students will continue to blend sounds using medial long and short a, e, i, o, and along with the sounds for l, w, v, z, y, and qu. We will also read the stories, “Fun, Fun, Fun” and “Bug and Cat” in our Readers. Continue to practice all words sent home and the stories in the Readers.

MATH – Chapter 10 pages were sent home today with notes to use to review for our test, on FRIDAY, 6/8. You may also wish to begin to review all the Math concepts learned this school year as the class will have a comprehensive Math test on Monday, 6/18. Review notes will be sent home on Tuesday, 6/12, along with the Math practice book. We are still completing pages in our book for homework, so please return the book on a daily basis.

RELIGION – The class will read and discuss the Bible story, Philip and the Ethiopian.

SCIENCE – Our topic of discussion is the importance of water to life on the Earth.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will be involved in projects that stress friendship, ourselves, and families.

HANDWRITING – The last four letters we will learn are, “W-w, X-x, K-k, and Z-z.”

JOURNAL – The students will write and draw pictures about things they see at the beach.


Kindergarten Closing Program Wednesday, June 20th at 9:30 in the church.


Give your troubles to God; He will be up all night anyway.

Have a Blessed week!

Mrs. Uss