READING- Our essential question this week is “What steps can someone follow to plant and grow flowers?” To help us answer the question we will read, Oscar and the Frog, Zinnia’s Flower Garden, and Growing Sunflowers. We also hope to plant seeds in our classroom to have some “first-hand” experience. Our high frequency words are, she, all, over, when, her, and some. The students will continue to practice blending words using long and short “a,” “i,” “o,” and adding “e” to this week’s practice. Additionally, the class will focus on using context clues to determine word meanings, using capitalization when writing proper nouns for days and months and reading fluency.

MATH- The two-dimensional shapes for this week will be the circle, square, rectangle, and triangle. The students will learn to describe each one by naming how many sides and vertices, (corners), for each shape.

RELIGION- Our Bible story is the story of the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit so they could be strong and be witnesses. Students will learn that they can witness too.

SCIENCE- We will discover what makes things living or non-living.

HANDWRITING- Our letters to write this week are “B-b” and “P-p”.

JOURNAL- The class will write about and draw their favorite animal.


Please send some pet food for our charity.


The ones you should try to get even with are the ones who have helped you.

Have a Blessed Week!

Mrs. Uss