Welcome to Mrs. Flomer’s class notes

Spelling- The last spelling list was given to the children. I will not be testing them on the words, but they should be familiar with them for second grade. We will be reviewing words from this year by playing a spelling game, “Sparkle”.

Reading: We will read the last story in our readers and learn the concepts but I will not be testing them on lesson 30. I will be giving an ELA benchmark test this week to see how much they have progressed this school year. There is no way to study for this test and it is not part of their report card grade.

Math- I will also be giving a benchmark test in Math to see the progression since the beginning of the school year. Again, their score does not count toward the report card grade.

Science- I will continue the unit on The Sky and quiz the children on what has been covered. I will study with them in class.

Social Studies- Symbols of our country

Weekly Reader- Safe in the Summer Sun

Have a great week. We are in the homestretch!