Welcome to Mrs. Flomer’s class notes!

Here’s a look at what we will be doing this week!

Spelling- The words for this week are: that, the, this, them, with, bath. The “R” book words are: blue, cold, far, little, live, there, (water and where are bonus words). The children will write their words 3x each for homework by Tuesday. They should write 3 sentences by Thursday. The test will be on Friday.
There was an error on the spelling list that went home on Friday, and the word “there” should have been spelled “their” but since many of the children already wrote their words 3X each, I am going to keep it as “there” on the spelling test.

Phonics- digraph th
adding -s and-es
-ed and -ing endings

Language Arts- proper nouns

Reading: We will read the story At Home in the Ocean. The children will read it again at home. There will be a Reading test on Friday.

Math- Chapter 5: related facts, missing numbers

Social Studies- People Change the Land

Weekly Reader- Life Long Ago

Science- Ocean Habitat

1AA News

Happy Birthday to Anthony!

Our class will be visiting the “Kids Boutique” this Tuesday morning. The children will be able to buy little gifts for their families. The information and money envelopes were sent home last week. Please send the money in tomorrow if you would like your child to shop, indicating on the envelope who you would like them to buy gifts for.

Our Thanksgiving feast was a huge success! Thank you to those who came to help. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

The trimester ends this week, and you will be able to view your child’s report card online by the middle of next week.

We will be very busy during the month of December, celebrating the season of Advent and preparing for Christmas. Please be sure to check my online notes every week for news and updates.

Reminder: Send in your child’s pizza money by Thursday morning.

Have a great week, and feel free to email me any time with questions or concerns: Jflomer@trinityhicksville.org