Here’s a look at what we will be doing this week!

Spelling- The new words for this week are: us, sun, but, fun, bus, run. The vocabulary (“R” book) words are: eat, put, give, small, one, take. The children should write their words 3X each by Tuesday and pick 3 words to write in sentences by Wednesday. Test on Friday.

Phonics- short u; final blends; -ump

Language Arts- a, an, and the

Reading: We will read the story A Cupcake Party. The children should read it again at home. There will be a Reading test on Friday.

Math- chapter 4- subtraction strategies-test on Wednesday- more review on Tuesday

Religion- David and Goliath

Social Studies- weather; seasons

1AA News

Now that December is here, there are many activities planned. This Tuesday (12/4), the children will visit the “Holiday Boutique” where they can shop for inexpensive gifts for family members. A form was sent home last week. Please send the envelope in to school on Tuesday if you would like your child to shop.

We will have a Christmas luncheon for the children on December 19th. Details will be given soon.

The K-3 Christmas musical will be performed on 12/18 at 7pm. Mr. DeVries will send home more information.

Have a great week, and feel free to email me any time with questions or concerns: