This week we will continue our unit on animals, learning more about animal homes. We will also start to talk about migration and hibernation. Some of the books we will read this week include Animal Homes, Bear Snores On, Click Clack Quackity Quack. Our vocabulary for this week will be burrow, habitat, hive, nest, tunnel, and web.

In math we will be looking at number 12, and practicing counting in a 10 frame. We discuss the concept of “how many”, and we will continue to review shapes.

We will also look at two books this week by our beloved author Jan Brett, 3 Snow Bears, and her newest book Snowy Nap.

This week we will focus on the letter Ll and learn an Ll song and hear Ll story about a lion.

In art we will make a snowman using all different objects after we read the story Snowballs by Lois Ehlert. We will also create another snowman using the letters in our names.

On Wednesday we will be taking an exciting in school trip to the Critter Room and learning about some of the awesome animals Mr. Stainkamp has there.

On Friday we will talk about Martin Luther King Jr.

During Jesus time we will continue to learn about Jesus as he grew up.

Have a blessed week!