We begin this new week in Jesus’ name!

Our time with Jesus reflects on God caring for us and giving us our families to care for us.  The scripture lessons emphasize this in the stories of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses and the families which God gave them.

Our literacy unit is also stressing families using books such as MOMMA ZOOMS and  DADDY CALLS ME MAN.

We are continuing to review the numerals 1 -5 as well as beginning to work on numerals 6 – 10. Remembering our shapes is also a work in progress.

Our trip to the farm was most memorable as the rain abated due to much prayer.  This week we’ve added chickens to our list of farm animals to explore.  We read the THE LITTLE RED HEN, a folk tale in two versions; did the comparisons; and then told ourselves using the flannel board. We even baked bread with our class.  Now we are adding sheep to our list.

Science brings the study of bats and spiders.  We learned that bats are nocturnal, use echolocation and are mammals. Using our diamond shape we made our own bats.  BATS by Gail Gibbons is an excellent resource for young children.  Spiders, we will discover have 8 legs and 2 body parts.  They are not insects.  Both bats and spiders are beneficial to humans.

In Art with Mrs. Kerwin,  we learned about Kandinsky and his use of geometric shapes.  Then we painted one using circles.

We continue to practice using our mouse in Computer class.  We are designing a Jack-o-lantern.

Upcoming activities:

10/21     Fire Department

10/23     Picture Day

10/25     No School – Professional Development Day

May our Lord rest His Hand gently upon this coming week!