It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord!

This week we will be thanking God for our families and friends as we learn about David and his friend, Jonathan.

Our study of the fall season continues as we learn about squirrels and their life style and habits.  We will also be tasting and learning about corn and all that is made from corn or maize as our Native American friend called it.

In social studies, we will continue the study of community living today and compare to the Native Americans of the Northeast:  clothing, housing, food, and living styles.

Music – we will be playing drums, singing thank you songs, as well as songs about the autumn season.

Math – we will continue on with the numeral nine (9);  continue with size comparisons; and patterns.

This week our class has the privilege of decorating food bags to be distributed at Thanksgiving.

During art with Mrs. Kerwin we will be finishing up our turkeys,

Blessings on your week.

May our Lord rest His hand gently upon you now and always!