6th Grade SS 11/12/18

This week we will be starting Ancient Egypt. Students will be assigned to start reading the Egypt Game, a fantastic short novel. eBooks will be provided, but nothing beats turning actual pages so please consider renting it from your local library. Have a great...

6th Grade SS 11/5/18

This week will will be working on writing a DBQ. A DBQ is an essay question which is preceded by a series of document based questions with combine reading comprehension with retained information learned in class. There is also a Chapter test on Friday.

6th Grade SS 10/9/18

Greetings, This week we begin Chapter 3. There is an extensive in-class assignment for Thursday and Friday that is due Monday. Please be sure to get it done. Have a great week! ~Mr. Stainkamp

6th SS 10/1/18

Greetings, This week we will continue on Chapter 2. I am looking forward to reading some Wonderfull articles about Otzi the Ice Man. As always all work is in the Google Classroom so check there often. ~Mr. S