This Week in Art

ECC:  A Snowy Day — we will be making Peter’s footprints in the snow with tempera paint to create a scene from the book

Kindergarten:  Symmetrical Mittens — students will be learning about the term symmetry as we create two matching mittens with patterns and color

Gr. 1:  artist Winslow Homer/Areas of White:  students will be using watercolors to create a picture where they can leave areas white such as snow, clouds, objects and things that are white

Gr. 2:  we will be finishing up our Winter Trees Collage depicting space and perspective in art

Gr. 3:  students will be learning how to weave on a paper plate using yarn

Gr. 4:  we will be figure drawing using students as models and charcoal as the medium

Gr. 5:  Students need to bring in their posters and forms for the National Missing Children’s Day Poster Contest on Tuesday, January 15th.  Mrs. Kerwin will collect these from Mrs. Lively, assign a grade for the 2nd Trimester report card and then mail  by the due date.  We are continuing with our Snowman at Night Activity drawing using chalk pastels. ***Please make sure your child has an old shirt to cover up his/her uniform for our art class on Wednesday.

Gr. 6: this is the last day to complete our Positive Negative Design pictures

Gr. 7:  students will be working on their Split Face Self Portraits as they pencil sketch the reality side using shading and then fill in the other half with symbols that depict their personalities

Gr. 8:  these classes will be starting the art of Japanese Notan Design using cut outs from two sizes of contrasting colored construction paper

Art Elective:  Wire Armature Sculpture — students will learn how to form and connect wire to create a sculpture that they can then apply paper mache to.

Keep Creating and Enjoy Your Week!

Mrs. E. Kerwin