Good study habits are so important.  In class we work on taking notes, making vocabulary cards, and preparing additional study resources.  Since the children are just learning new study strategies, it’s important for them to have help and encouragement at home.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to best help your child be prepared for exams.

WEEK: October 15-19

SPELLING: wait, weight, herd, heard, days, daze, heel, heal, peek, peak, sent, cent, scent, feet, feat, vein, vane, vain, miner, minor; Challenge words: raise, rays, raze, principal, principle

READING: “Stormalong”; Vocabluary: seafaring, tidal, foaming, outcast, yearning, memorable, betrayed, condition, shortage, horrified

GRAMMAR: capitalization

MATH: multiplying two, three, and four-digit numbers

SOCIAL STUDIES: Chapter 2, Lesson 3 The Iroquois League

SCIENCE: Unit 4 Lesson 2 How Do Plants Grow and Reproduce?

RELIGION:  “Dear God” letters

TESTS this week:

  • Thursday – Memory Quiz, Spelling, Reading, Grammar


  • As the cooler weather begins, please keep in mind that students should have appropriate outerwear for going outside at recess.
  • Reminder: NO school for students on Friday due to a professional development day

This week’s prayer video: