Last week’s trip to Old Westbury Gardens was terrific!  We toured the mansion of the Phipps family and the students related what they knew about that time period to our tour guide.  I was so proud of their participation.  After lunch, we walked the beautiful grounds and looked for patterns in nature.  It was a great experience!  I highly recommend visiting Old Westbury Gardens with your family, there is so much to see and do there.

Week of: May 14-18

Spelling: idea, lion, usual, radio, liar, poem, India, piano, January, quiet, poet, science, diary, violin, period, February, cereal, video, meteor, rodeo

Reading: Anchor text – “The Fun They Had”; Vocabulary – progress, calculated, dispute, centuries, superior, insert, waste, inspector, mechanical, average

Grammar:  review capitalization, punctuation

Writing: Begin animal research reports

Math: lines, rays, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals

Science: Unit 5 Lesson 2 What are Some Internal Structures of Animals?

Social Studies: Review Chapter 10, test next week


Tuesday – retake Reading test from Friday, 5/11

Friday – Spelling, Reading, Grammar


  • Please be sure to check assignment books and class notes page as we finish out the school year
  • There will be a note sent home on Monday regarding an upcoming Animal Research Report that students will begin writing

This week’s prayer video: