This Week in Art

ECC — This week we will add tissue paper “crumbles” to our polar bear masks

Kindergarten — The class will make a Paper Sculpture Jungle Gym out of curled, folded and cut up paper strips.  A class favorite!

Gr. 1 —  On a Field Trip

Gr. 2 — After a tour finding all the crosses in Trinity’s church (some of us thought it was possible 🙂 we chose our favorite and made a sketch. This week we will decorate our crosses and color them in.

Gr. 3 — We are moving along nicely on our Yarn Design project.  Last week we learned some techniques for filling in our drawings with color using yarn.

Gr. 4 — The class will spend about 15 min. finishing up our fashion design sketches from last week then we will learn about the artist Peter P. Rubens and his paintings of The Crucifixion.

Gr. 5 — This is our last week working on our Creative Creature drawings.  It was so much fun hearing the crazy names the students came up with for their creatures.

Gr. 6 — Sixth graders are working on a Sports Jersey Design.  They must think of an original team name and colorful, fun jersey for their team.

Gr. 7 — Last week we really caught on to the process of weaving on a cardboard loom. It will be fun to see some of the patterns the students come up with for their MUG RUGS.

Gr. 8 — This class will start a Rotational Symmetry Name Design project this week. Essentially we will be tracing our first name over and over and then coming up with a color scheme to complete this abstract style type of art.

ART Elective — This will be our last class to finish paintings our decorative tiles.  We will complete the final step by adding a glossy shine of mod podge to the surface.

Keep Creating and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Mrs. E. Kerwin